Reed Hayward Studio

Contemporary Fine Art - Original Abstract Paintings


Reed Hayward was born and raised in New Orleans. He graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in landscape architecture and was a successful floral designer for many years. He began painting in 1995. He is inspired by the 20th Century abstract expressionists and modernists like Rothko, Pollock, De Kooning, Miro & Kandinsky. He uses bold color and brush strokes in diverse compositions to create vibrant works of art.

Reed describes his philosophy on abstract painting: “Abstract painting to me is all about expressing balance. A painting can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. It makes no difference as long as it conveys balance. My paintings are meant to challenge the senses, evoke emotion and provoke a response. To me a painting is successful if it generates a reaction whether positive or negative. One of my painting methods is creating movement through a repetition of strokes. A repeating design that can be either bursting with energy or totally sublime.”

Reed’s paintings have been selected for several juried shows in New Orleans including two “No Dead Artists” exhibits, “Art on the Avenue” and the “Ochsner Rotating Art Exhibit”. His works have also been shown in many other public spaces and local venues. His corporate clients include Hancock Whitney Bank, Aquarian Holdings and he has many residential clients. His original and affordable abstract oil paintings are ideal for both private homes and commercial spaces.

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